Sunday, July 29, 2012

T-Ball: 1 more season down

 One more t-ball season has come and gone! Last I talked about ball was right after their tournament a month ago. They had 2 more games after that and believe it or not....they FINALLY WON a game!!! :) I was so happy for them. It was their 2nd to last game. They actually got all 3 of their outs for 2 innings and were able to stay ahead. It worked out well that that same night we were planning to go out for ice cream afterwards to celebrate the season.
 On the 14th, the team went to the local baseball game as our team was picked as "stars" of the night. All the kids got in for free and they were able to go out on the field with the players for the national anthem. They thought it was pretty cool being on the field!
 The 25th we went to the Awards Ceremony for t-ball. It was SOO dang hot, we could barely stand it! Luckily they kept it short and sweet, but Emma and I still didn't last more than 10 minutes since she was being fussy. I stayed long enough to watch the kiddos get their medals.
 Max took a picture of Emma and I. I look a hot mess with the big water spot from pouring water down my shirt ha But Emma sure looks cute! :) You wouldnt think she was in a bad mood from this pic, little poser!
 I didn't think I would miss anything after the medals, but Ethan's team ended up getting Sportsmanship of the year too!! I was so proud of the team! Especially with them only winning one game, I was glad they at least got this to show that they did still do such a good job and had fun, also while being good sports! :)
Good season boys!!!!   

Next up for my kiddos' activities....Ethan starts swim lessons tomorrow, then a month off before Flag football begins and Emma starts dance! They keep us busy!

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